Our mission

Implementing innovations to get excellent results

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In our mission, we rely on three components:

People Technology Progress

«Today it is impossible to separate the company's activities from the development of the Society. Realizing this, we choose those directions of development that have a positive effect on the life and future of the society as a whole. The company's social mission is global, but speaking about its components, each of ALSECO's specialists chooses a vector and seeks to strengthen it.»

Director General ALSECO JSC
O.A. Vlassov

«Every day at ALSECO we create solutions that simplify the life of our customers, clients and partners. Our business is the smart use of modern technologies. New ideas come up all the time; the company's task is to collect, process, test and launch innovative software. By combining and adjusting advanced technologies to the practical needs of people, we strive to develop our society in the age of global digitalization.»

Managing Director for IT Development ALSECO JSC
Y.A. Fedortsov

«It is important for us not only to provide a unique product, but also to build long mutually beneficial relations with our customers and partners. Strengthening communications between companies and joint development not only make our product and team stronger, but also creates all conditions necessary for fruitful development of the entire nation.»

Managing Director for Production ALSECO JSC
N.A. Kalabkova

«However, no goal could be achieved without people, who believe in the company and in what we do. Our employees are the driving force of ALSECO. Only by combining high professionalism, the desire to bring a contribution to the company's life and common values, we can go forward. Gathering a team is not the most difficult thing. It is also important to keep, interest and direct it. Every day we invest in our employees, we seek new knowledge and develop all together. After all, speaking about the company, we should say that creating decent jobs in our country is one of the global social missions of ALSECO.»

Managing Director for Personnel ALSECO JSC
A.M. Akhmetzhanova

«As a dynamically developing company with a strong strategy, we understand our social responsibility to the state and the people; therefore, we rely on the principles of integrity, transparency and legality in our work. Only this way can we move towards a developed State. All together.»

Managing Director for Economics and Finance ALSECO JSC