Housing and public utilities

We develop, implement, maintain and amplify information systems for the state and society, business and clients.


Our software allows working with up-to-date data on personal accounts, keeping a record of consumption of services and monitoring payment information.

Terms of implementation

from 4 months

  • One stop principle
  • Single invoice for payment
  • Data exchange, increased number of subscribers
  • Improved collection of payments
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced time and costs of processing payment information
  • Reduced time for transfer of payments to the supplier’s settlement account
  • Reduced number of errors in clearing settlements
  • Analytics and control
What are the benefits?

You can maintain a single account for whatever number of services, such as power, gas, water, AOC services, telephony, etc.

The software allows uniting an unlimited number of providers and be serviced by an unlimited number of banks; an automatic calculation / recalculation of charges and penalties; printing a single invoice and various ways of grouping invoices for delivery to consumers.

Our solutions allowed cutting the costs of printing and processing invoices of partners (utility companies) by 60-70%.

Printing and folding billing invoices

ALSECO invoice is received by 590,000 real-estate owners in Almaty and 290,000 in the region.

in Almaty
In the region
A single billing invoice by ALSECO means:
  • A high level of payment collection
  • Reduced costs of utility companies
  • Reduced bank expenses of residents for payment of utilities

In addition, there is an account and mobile application for consumers - ALSECO. My account. In 2018, the number of account users on ALSECO.KZ website amounted to more than 100,000 people.

Mobile application

ALSECO mobile application is available in Google Play and App Store.